Top 10 Advantages Of Favoring Swift For iOS Development

The cogent barrage doesn’t betoken the afterlife of Objective-C, while it will become the de-facto accent for iOS app development for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Angel watch and added devices.

The accent which was illustrated as Objective-C afterwards C by the apple, is safe, modern, faster, compiler optimized and arranged with a top akin of interactivity enables acknowledging and consumer-facing appliance development a breeze.

However, the absolution alien a bind of authoritative a accommodation amid the two OOP languages- Swift and Objective-C. It brought a lot of abashing to the development shops and created a allowance for the discussions.

On a absolute note, the Swift was declared as a champ in the years to appear and if leveraged for iOS appliance development, it will accompany lots of allowances to the top of the table.

Take a quick attending at how the Swift can get you advanced of the game:

1) Less coding required

In Objective-C, the cord manipulation, cord chain or chic analysis needs added coding and involves autograph repetitive statements. In Swift, the breadth of coding is bargain to bisected with the accession of new operators.

Also, the charge to acquire the badge gets alleviated with cord departure area variables can be anon amid inline to the string. The likelihood of app crashes due to adjustment blend up is bargain with blazon inferencing system.

2) Activating library support

The activating libraries abutment to Swift began afterwards the absolution of iOS 8. Before this, just changeless libraries were there, although Mac is adequate the activating library abutment from a continued time.

Dynamic libraries are the executable cipher that allows the latest Swift apps to hotlink the changes or updates that new versions of Swift accent accompany over the time in an automatic fashion. Activating libraries are included aural the app array during download, but they are alien to the app executable, which mitigates the app admeasurement because the alien cipher is affiliated alone if the accent evolve.

3) Easy to read

With apple-pie syntax, Swift has become easier to apprehend and address the cipher and attending a lot like apparent English. The abatement of all the bequest conventions like departure for codicillary statements, @ symbol, semicolons to end lines, nesting of adjustment calls central aboveboard braces and appealing added has fabricated the accent alive and the cipher cleaner.

In Swift, the breach afar account of ambit aural parathesis is acclimated for action and adjustment calls to abridge the syntax, due to which the Java, C#, C++ or Python programmers can calmly apprehend and accept the Swift.

4) Maintainability

For executable app creation, advancement two cipher files is binding in the Objective-C to enhance the body time and efficiency. But, the bequest of two cipher book claim was alone by Swift with X-code and LLVM compiler.

The two compliers acquisition out the dependencies, accomplish incremental builds and amalgamate the accomplishing files (.m) and Objective-C attack (.h) in one cipher book (.Swift) automatically. This way Swift minimizes the repetitive tasks, accounting and workload thereby the programmers will get added time to focus on argumentation creation, and cipher superior improvement.

5) Faster and safer

In Objective-C, the absent pointers abate the app blast anticipation but introduces lots of bugs that eats abroad a acceptable bulk of time of the programmers to acquisition and fix them.

On the added hand, in Swift language, the alternative amount is actual bright as compiler absurdity is generated for the bad code, which enables the programmer to fix the cipher bound that saves the time and money. Also, during the run time crash, Swift triggers by endlessly at the band of cipher area nil alternative capricious is acclimated so that the absurdity can be anchored off the bat.

6) Unified with anamnesis management

In Objective-C, the Automatic Reference Counting is accurate aural article aggressive cipher and Cocoa APIs, but not accessible for amount cartoon and procedural code, which in about-face accomplish the programmers amenable for anamnesis management.

Instead, in Swift, all the anamnesis administration at the abridge time is handled by the ARC as it works beyond both article aggressive cipher and procedural code, and will not crave programmers to do any ambience switches. Additionally, the charge to run debris beneficiary to apple-pie up the bare anamnesis is not required.

7) No added name collisions

The dearth of namespaces abutment leads to cipher book names collisions, which is a linker absurdity and will not let the app to run. In Swift, the absolute namespaces based on the ambition area cipher book resides are given, that’s why the aforementioned cipher book for assorted projects can abide afterwards absolution the body to fail.

With name-space identifiers, the classes or ethics can be calmly differentiated and the accessible antecedent libraries, frameworks or projects can be implemented on-the-fly, which abate the accent of aforementioned cipher book name blow during accessible antecedent activity integration.

8) Performance

Under the hood, the changes are consistently fabricated in Swift to advance the acceleration at which the app argumentation is run. The bigger achievement of GEMM algorithm by a agency of 1.4 and FFT algorithm by a agency of 8.5 are the abundant instances of it. The acceleration up development helps in extenuative huge bucks.

9) Playgrounds

With amphitheater feature, the programmers get the amplitude for abstracts by autograph a cipher or creating an algorithm and appearance its after-effects on duke afterwards accepting to delay uptil the activity to absolutely congenital or adversary to analysis it.

It’s added like editor window area the cipher gets aggregate and run as anon as it’s written, which aids in abstracts visualizations. All the changes fabricated during processing, from simple images to graphs to the bound ascendancy elements can be beheld in the real-time.

10) Accessible source

A year afterwards afterwards the release, the avant-garde programming accent Swift was declared as accessible source. The advertisement fabricated the accent added popular, and awful acclimated beyond assorted platforms or as a aback end infrastructure.

Besides, the acknowledgment from the association and developers’ abutment has fabricated the invaluable addition to the improvements in the language.


In 2015, in the “Most admired programming language” nomination, Swift accent top the assemblage due to the countless of allowances it offers over Objective-C. The accent was appear by the Angel befitting the approaching iOS appliance development in mind. The host of appearance has fabricated the iOS app developers to apparatus the Swift cipher during app development.

What are your thoughts? Do you aswell acquisition the accent appropriately cogent for iOS development? If so, don’t authority blaze and set off the next activity leveraging Swift.