Flash Fiction: How to Lose a Guy

“I adulation him, I adulation him not.

“I adulation him, I adulation him not.

“Oh, Shit, I adulation him. Do I absolutely adulation him?

“I don’t know. It’s just been three months, and his affinity has started aggravation me. What to do with this Yasir alleged adhering gel?”

Ezra asked Jasmine as she irritatingly plucked the endure of the rose blade and tossed the accept in the awkward agrarian bushes of the campus backyard.

“I anticipate you bigger dump him and airing off. Three months! I affirm I can’t go above one ages with the aforementioned guy.” Jasmine aloft her eyebrows demography a sip of her bendable drink

“I apperceive baby with so abounding adorable faces adrift around, it’s not astute to stick with a individual guy. But, there should be a acumen for the breakup. And, all my breakdown abilities abort if it comes to Yasir.” Ezra threaded her hair with her fingers aptitude adjoin the aback of the backyard bench.

“He’s a apperception ambassador it seems. Why don’t you ask him to accommodated you at a coffee boutique and again about-face up with a hot-looking guy, you know.” Jasmine nibbled on her sandwich as she handed the soda can to Ezra.

“Foolish. Anticipate something else,” Ezra said afore sipping the algid drink.

“Okay… How about this – You go with him but dribble over added hot-looking dudes. I’m abiding he’ll dump you. I’m cogent you – this ambush works amazingly able-bodied with careful jerks.”

“This sounds awful.”

“Fine, the endure – you kiss his best acquaintance authoritative abiding he watches you while you do the act.”

“I can’t kiss his best friend.” Ezra acutely arced her lips.


“Because Chirag has chapped lips, and he aswell suffers from gingivitis. Yasir told me once. Yuck!”

“Oh! God save his adherent from accepting bleeding gums.” Jasmine took a abysmal animation as she affective the Coke can from Ezra.

Bring Bring

Ezra’s corpuscle buzz vibrated in her purse.

“Talk of the devil and the devil’s here. It’s Chirag,” Ezra decrepit as she swiped the corpuscle buzz to appear Chirag’s call.

“What? How? Where?” She accursed a alternation of questions on the addition as she rose to her anxiety and ran appear the capital academy premises.

“Yeah, I’m advancing area is he?” Keeping the corpuscle buzz afterpiece to her ear, she agilely ran to the autogenous courtyard while Jasmine tailed her till the end of the awash hallway.

“What happened? You’re active like a attend boy who has absent all his sheep in the jungle.” Jasmine alleged her from behind.

“Yasir not well. He met with an accident. He’s sitting in the canteen.”

“Canteen?,” Jasmine’s eyes narrowed and her eyebrows grew V. “He should be in the hospital. What is he accomplishing in the canteen? Eating samosas huh?”

“It’s a accessory one silly. I charge to go see him.”

“This is the time silly. Don’t bother and he’ll anticipate you don’t affliction and will assuredly leave you.”

“This isn’t the time Jass. Hope he’s alright.” Her eyes anesthetized as she strode appear the academy canteen.